What's the Difference?

Q: What’s the difference between my current advisor and you?
A: While there are many differences from personality, broker dealer, experience, education, etc…, here are four that I think are important.

  1. Chad is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER practitioner. Most people think all financial planners are "certified", but this is not true. Anyone can call themselves a "financial planner". Only those who have fulfilled the certification and renewal requirements of CFP® Board can display the CFP® certification marks. You can learn more about the CFP Board's standards here: https://www.cfp.net/about-cfp-board/cfp-certification-the-standard-of-excellence/the-four-e's
  2. Our broker dealer is LPL Financial.  LPL is the largest independent broker dealer as reported in Financial Planning Magazine June 2016-2020.  LPL is also a Fortune 500 company.  We chose LPL Financial because of their commitment to changing as technology changes; their commitment to keeping their service employee to advisor ratio high and their culture of independence with no proprietary products or self-serving research.
  3. We use a process, not a sales pitch. Our process allows us to customize a financial plan tailored to your goals. This in turn guides us in making investments that are in your best interest, not our own.
  4. Chad owns the business. We have hired LPL Financial to be our broker dealer. This is different than most of our competitors who are employees of their broker dealer or registered investment advisor. Why is this important? Because all decisions concerning your financial plan and/or accounts are made by Chad. We also keep more of what we make. This allows us to keep our fees low and also re-invest into the communities that we serve. Lastly, it allows us to commit to the culture that WE develop. We are not driven by quotas, the bottom line or a sales manager in another city. We are driven by creating long and lasting relationships that positively impact our client's lives.

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