What is your minimum account size?

We do not have a minimum, however, no matter how much money that you have to invest, we may not take you on as a client.  We truly get to know you in the first and second meeting.  If we do not think we can be of service to you or bring value to your financial life, we will refer you to another financial institution and/or financial planner that we think can better serve you.

How do I pay you?

In the financial services industry, the three most common ways of paying a financial advisor is: commissions, asset based fees and advisory fees.

Commissions: Commissions are generally “built into” the “investment product”.  They can not be changed or negotiated and the advisor is incentivized to sell you a product.  While we are not a fan of commissions, in some instances they are less expensive than the other ways of compensation.

Asset Based Fees: In this relationship, the advisor is acting in a fiduciary capacity and generally using discretion to manage the assets towards an objective.  The advisor is paid a flat percentage fee of the assets.  As the assets go up, the advisor is paid more.  As the assets go down, the advisor is paid less.  This how we suggest paying us.

Advisory Fees:  Advisory fees are an hourly fee that you pay us as service is rendered.  These are generally paid for financial planning services.

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