What We Do

It is pretty simple but at the same time, vast.

Financial Planning

A financial plan can be comprehensive or laser focused on one particular area of your financial life.  But also keep in mind, a financial plan can be as small has help with purchasing a car or as large as creating cash flow from a multi-million dollar retirement.

Areas of expertise include:

Holistic Financial Plan

Retirement Planning

Estate Planning

Liabilities assessment and insurance planning

Long Term Care Funding

Sale of a business

Divorce Financial Planning (Pre and Post)

College Savings

Costs: I charge $175.00 per hour for financial planning services.  However, in cases where we are managing a minimum of $100,000.00 investment portfolio for you, there is no charge for financial planning services.

Investment Management

Investment management is far more than simply choosing investments.  It can be complicated and take a lot of time.  That is where our expertise and resources come in.

Investment management is about your “objective”.  I simply ask, “what is your objective?  What do you want this money to do for you?”  From there we talk about history, risk, returns, costs, taxes, liquidity needs and preferences.  From there, we research and create a portfolio of investments that are best at completing your objective.  After presenting the plan to you, we implement it.  Lastly, investments change from day to day.  Through our research resources, we constantly monitor your investment portfolio for fees, performance vs. peers, style drift, turnover and allocation integrity.  We also monitor the objective itself so that your investments can change when your objective changes.

Costs:  We will present you with our fee schedule at the second meeting should we determine that we can help you and that DWS is a good fit for you and you for us.

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