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I have always been a strong proponent of giving back to the communities that I serve.  In my opinion, it is a blessing and a responsibility.  I recognize that I am fortunate to be able to contribute in any way and look forward to doing what we can in the future.  Here are a few charities that I am passionate about contributing to.

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McIver’s Grant Public Library

One of the first “auctions” that I had in my career to raise funds for a charity was for the library.  The library holds a special place in my heart because it is where I spent summer mornings with my mother or my grandmother.  The library is a critical institution in our community, and we are fortunate to have such a well thought out and managed organization.  We have hosted a charity event at the library for all but two years since 2004, raising over $50,000.00 for the library.  To learn more about the library, please visit:

Black Tie and Boxing to Benefit JDRF

This is one of my favorite events of the year, and yes, I even boxed in it in 2020.  Don’t worry, I am retired at 0-1 but the event raised over $120,000 that year.  We have been a sponsor of this event in all but one year since inception and look forward to many years to come of making “type one, type none”.  To learn more about black tie and boxing in Jackson Tennessee, please visit:

Please know that tables sell out extremely fast.  If you would like to purchase a table, contact me and I will get you and your party on the list.

Fort Pillow Trail Run

When Baker McCool reached out and asked for help in the form of a sponsorship, I asked if the “premier sponsorship” was available.  I had run the event the year before and knew the quality of the race as well as the well-deserved charity it went to, The Fort Pillow State Park.  Nature trails are a tourist destination and Fort Pillow, with its rich history and beautiful scenery is a hidden gem in Northwest Tennessee.  We appreciate Baker and his efforts in providing a great event every February.  To learn more the Fort Pillow Trail Run, please visit:

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WestStar opened my eyes to what other communities’ strengths were as well as how they were best handling their issues.  I have met life-long friends and due to WestStar, I am still learning about the ever-changing landscape of Northwest Tennessee as well as meeting and engaging her leaders.

The WestStar Mission: “The WestStar mission is to identify, encourage and equip community-minded people who want to become more involved, who want to help West Tennessee become a better place, and who are willing to accept assertive and dynamic leadership roles.

DWS is a regular sponsor of WestStar through the foundation as well as regularly sponsoring Westar events held in Northwest Tennessee.  For more information on WestStar, please visit:

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The Dyersburg, Dyer County Chamber of Commerce

The Dyersburg, Dyer County Chamber of Commerce is the “marketing division” of our city and county.  Without them, we likely would not have experienced the industrial and retail growth that we have been blessed with. To learn more about the Dyer County Chamber of Commerce, please visit:

The Obion County Chamber of Commerce

Our neighbors to the north, the Obion County Chamber of Commerce does an incredible job selling themselves and the region.  We’ve had the opportunity to sponsor many V.I.B.E. events as well as the “birthday party” for the chamber.  To learn more about them, please visit:

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Discovery Park of America

Discovery Park of America is an impressive, state-of-the art 100,000-square-foot museum sitting on a beautifully landscaped heritage park in Union City, Tennessee.

And while the beautiful building has quickly become an iconic masterpiece and a must-see attraction in the region, the real magic takes place every single day as a spirit of creativity and exploration of new ideas is sparked in the children and adults who visit.

DWS regularly sponsors various events hosted by Discovery Park of America as well as use of the venue for various meetings and celebrations.

To learn more about Discovery Park Of America, please visit:

To see a brief video about DPA, please visit:

More Charitable Givings:

National Wild Turkey Federation, Forked Deere Longbeard Chapter

I grew up hunting and fishing with my Dad, but it was not until I took my own son hunting turkey until I realized how difficult it was.  I attended my first local NWTF banquet that year and I instantly fell in love with what they were doing for the habitat, children and veterans.  We have sponsored the local NWTF banquet since and I applaud their efforts.  To learn more, please visit:

Dyersburg High School Athletics:  In my high school days, I was on the track team, tennis team, football team and basketball team.  I learned great lessons about hard work, never giving up and respect from my coaches and teammates.  I love speaking to the various teams and fundraising to bring them the best in game preparation, facility conditions and equipment.

Dyer County High School Athletics:  I am a big believer what high school athletics teaches a young man or woman.  Dyer County is my county and though not my alma mater, we are pleased to continue to sponsor their various programs.

The Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta

The Kappa Tau Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta at the University of Tennessee Knoxville is where I learned about persistence, determination, leadership, and honor.  I am fortunate that my son is also a brother and learning the same lessons and knowledge that I did.  In 2020, I received the Graduate Brother of the Year award for my donations of time and resources.  I am fortunate to have had those “college day” experiences and look forward to continuing to support this great brotherhood.

The YMCA of Dyer County

Dyersburg has a strong and active chapter.  The Y is a powerful association of people, dedicated to building a healthy, confident, connected, and secure place for children, adults, and families in our community.  From a personal standpoint, the Y is where I started my work out group.  Our goal was to complete a Reebok Spartan Race which we did several times.

We have been blessed over the years to fund raise for flooring, paint, equipment, and team sponsorships.  To learn more about the YMCA, please visit

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