Technology and Service


In today’s world, technology is in every aspect of our lives.  At DWS we are committed to changing when technology does.  We have invested thousands of dollars into our website to make it both client friendly and prospective client friendly.  We have integrated Chad’s personal calendar into the website with the “book and appointment” tab.  Throughout the website, we have integrated “Ask us a question” sections so that if something we post hits you with a question, it will be easy and convenient for you to respond.  We have invested in “Wealth Vision”, which can be found under the clients tab.  Wealth Vision is an aggregation service that will allow you to view all of your accounts at all financial institutions with one login.  Although the services costs us thousands of dollars per year; we offer it to our clients at no cost as a value added service.  At our client’s discretion, we use DocuSign for confidential electronic signatures of documents.  This cuts down on time and increases confidentiality without the liability of a document being lost in snail mail.  We have also created a dedicated phone number just for texting.  Both Kim and I see the texts immediately which helps us in serving you as a team.  Lastly, we use Zoom for those clients that would like to see us but don’t want to leave the comfort of their home or office.

All of this is an investment and a choice that Chad has made.  He feels that it is a good use of capital and hope that you take advantage of all of the services that DWS offers.


Service is a big part of the financial services industry.  It does not matter how smart an advisory is, if he/she doesn’t return a phone call or process a form correctly, your financial stress may go up unnecessarily.

At Davis Wealth Services, we do not take on everyone as a client.  At a previous firm, I was responsible for over five hundred client relationships.  I also shared service associates with other advisors.  Furthermore, at some competing investment firms, they require quotas from their advisors, forcing them to take on more and more clients regardless of fit.  At my firm, I have capped my number of clients at two hundred and I have a dedicated and experienced service associate in Kim Chism.  These two aspects give me the best opportunity to spend as much time with my clients as they see necessary as well as the time necessary to properly build and implement financial and investment plans.

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