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In today's environment, it is easy to get pulled into many different directions. What is happening to the price of lumber? Should I buy crypto? Will interest rates go up or down? What about the price of a gallon of milk? The man on the TV said this will happen! What will the Fed do? We are in an inflationary environment, right? Who really knows the answers

When a client comes in to see us, those questions are not on our radar. We are interested in you, your needs, your goals and your dreams. If you share all of those with us, we will tell you whether they are attainable or not.. If so, we will show you how through a plan

Whether it is investment management, a financial plan, a retirement plan, an estate plan or putting a child through college, we use a simple process

1. GATHER. information. During this phase, we listen. We ask questions. We get to know you and what you are trying to accomplish. The more you share, the better prepared we are to create a plan.
2. ANALYZE. We carefully research and analyze the information that you have given us. From there, we formulate a comprehensive written plan.

3. IMPLEMENT. Once the plan is presented and all parties agree it is the correct path to take, we put the plan to action. This may require buying, selling or holding particular assets.

4. MONITOR. This is probably the most important piece of the puzzle. Without constant monitoring, the original plan may be lost and goals not realized. Markets, the economy and life changes. We seek to adapt when this happens and a semi-annual meeting is generally necessary to accomplish this

It is not as difficult as one may think. And as long as you are willing to follow the process, we are able.

We thank you for visiting our website. Should you have any questions or requests, please reach out. We look forward to visiting with you soon


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